Surf | Concrete Surface Resistivity

Giatec Surf™ is a laboratory test device for rapid, easy and accurate measurement of the surface electrical resistivity of concrete based on the four-probe (Wenner-Array) technique. The Surf™ patented technology automatically measures resistivity around the concrete specimen using four channels of 4-probe array (located at 90° from each other). The PC software generates the required reports according to the standard specifications.

Surf™ can be used to determine the chloride permeability of concrete in accordance with AASHTO TP95 and the upcoming ASTM standard. The measurement data can be used for durability-based quality control of concrete as well as the service life design of concrete structures.

Reading RangeFrequency rangeAccuracy
0.1 – 100 KΩ.cm13 – 100 Hz± (0.1+1%)
100 – 1000 KΩ.cm13 – 100 Hz± (1+1%)