Digital Compression Machine

Standard:  EN 12390-3, ASTM C39, AASHTO T22
Four columns mechanical frame. Load capacity and simply locked inposititon by the bolt, while the four tubes are compressed to the same value.
The machine designed for used both in field and laboatory for concrete testing.
The high value low pressure feature. Fitted with special pressure compensated flow control value which allows a precise of loading over the complete test.
Safety stroke protection when reach the limit switch.
Specmen: 15x15x15cm cube
: 15x30cm cylinder
-Rapid Approach pump for fast start.
-Accuracy +/-1%
-Oil Level
-Limit switch

Display Digital
-A mini printer (thermal), report for 3 samples, get average,
Date, time, Max force, concrete age and sample size.
-Connect to PC via RS232 cable.

Available model: 2000kN and 3000kN capacity.

(Econ cap test need to order a lower platen separately)
Brand: TEQ/Thailand.

Readout UnitDigital Display Digital Display
Accuracy+/-1% +/-1%
Vertical Clearange (approx)450mm450mm
Horizontal Clearange (approx)265mm350mm
Piston Stroke50mm50mm
Printout Mini Printer MiniPrinter
Steel Platen Top (approx)29.5cm dia x 3.5cm 29.5cm dia x 3.5cm
Support Steel platen (approx)19.6cm dia x 5cm
19.6cm dia x19cm
19.6cm dia x 5cm
19.6cm dia x19cm
Power220V, 50Hz 220V, 50Hz
Weight 800kg 800kg