T-1003 Aggregate Shaker Seven Trays

Vibration mechanically smooth, stable and simple operation.
-Two clamp levers for fast and release locked.
Trays are individually removeable for emptying, cleaning and weighing.
The screens are for heavy duty, durable useful for size separations.
Capacity up to 25kg per test.
-Slots for 7 trays.
-Timer built-in.
-Power 220V, 50Hz.

T-1003S22″ (50mm)
T-1003S1.5 1.5″ (37.5mm)
T-1003S1 1″ (25mm)
T-1003S.750 3/4″ (19mm)
T-1003S.500 1/2″ (12.5mm)
T-1003S.375 3/8″ (9.5mm)
T-1003S.4#4 (4.75mm)